Issue 19. 2013

Scientific papers of the Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet (2013) : Collected articles, vol. 19. Kyiv, IBCSB
The collected articles highlight the results on scientific researches carried out by scientists from research and educational agricultural institutions of Ukraine and near abroad. They are dedicated to new technologies of growing, processing, and storing in crop production and related sectors of agricultural production.
For researchers, experts, lecturers and students of agrarian universities.

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Butov V., Kotsyurubenko N., Ogloblina V. Influence of mineral fertilizers and methods of their bringingis on the productivity of sugar beets in the conditions of tiny irrigation213.6 KB
Vlaschuk A., Voytashenko D., Demchenko N. Long-term produktivity of sorghum under irrigation in the southern steppes of Ukraine134.26 KB
Humentyk M., Khivrich A., Kwak V., Zamoyski A. Effectiveness of ways to protect against debris on the growth and development of plants miscanthus in the western part of Steppe of Ukraine128.32 KB
Doronin V., Kravchenko Y., Busol M., Doronin V. Svitchgras seeds quality depending on sorting methods191.08 KB
Dudchenko V., Marushchak H. Rice straw and husks as a raw for biofuels production depending on fertilization and seed rate150.59 KB
Dumych V., Zhurba G., Kurylo V. Technical and technological measures to lay down energy plantings of switchgrass in Woodlands of Ukraine368.08 KB
Dumych V., Zhurba G., Kurylo V. Dynamics of switchgrass growing withing the climatic and ground conditions of Woodlands of Ukraine502.5 KB
Zinchenko O. The evaluation of the effect of plants growth regulators on the photosynthesis intensity, rootage and morphological indices of Miscanthus giganteus254.45 KB
Ivanina V., Sypko A., Sinchuk G., Strilets O., Zatserkovna N. The influence of nitrogen fertilizers on bioenergetics productivity of sugar sorghum136.92 KB
Korneeva M., Ermantraut E., Nenka M. Comparative assessment of parent component world sugar hybrids of sugar beet for feedback on a regulated environmental factors163.1 KB
Kuntsyo I., Gumentyk M. Growing of energy willow as a feedstock for the production of solid biofuels under forest- steppes of Ukraine251.54 KB
Kurgak V., Levkovsky A., Efremova G., Leschenko O. Bioenergy potential of perennialherbosa of Ukraine154.79 KB
Kurylo V., Hanzhenko O., Duboviy J., Makarenko A. Energy efficiency of sugar beet, depending from plants population167.11 KB
Kurylo V., Zhurba G. Dinamics of growing Salix spp. during the first year of growing in ground and climatic conditions of Woodlands of Ukraine516.71 KB
Layko I., Vyrovets V., Kyrychenko H., Mischenko S., Kmets I. New in ways of genetic potential of hemp of power tendency use147.71 KB
Mandrovska S. Svitchgras (Panicum virgatum L.) - a promising introduced plant for the production of biofuels in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine129.15 KB
Mozharivska I. The technology of growing of such energy crops for the production of different types of biofuel162.5 KB
Nevmerjitska O., Nurmukhammedov A., Vasilyeva N. Searching microorganisms for biodegradation cellulose-containing raw materials from recycled resources and agricultural waste158.1 KB
Orlov S. Displey of biological and economic features of switchgrass (Panicum vigratum) and developing new varieties with high energy value in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine124.37 KB
Palamarchuck V., Polishchuk M., Polishchuk I., Kolesnik O., Palamarchuck O. Effect of technology elements on the development of corn for bioethanol production156.82 KB
Remenyuk S. Monitoring of swallow-wort in agricultural crops429.89 KB
Royk M., Bech N., Kotsar M. Getting seedlings Miscanthus x giganteus by method of clonal micropropagation1.4 MB
Rudik O. Bioenergy estimation of complex use of oily flax produce175.05 KB
Sichuk L., Kitsyuk V., Tcherevko T. Growth prospects of sugar beet for biofuels in Western Steppe118.14 KB
Storozhyk L. Content of chloroplasts in leaves of sugar sorghum plants and their role in the process of photosynthesis136.25 KB
Tsvey J., Bondar S., Dubovy Yu. The impact of the fertilizer grain crop rotation on crop husbandry by-product of winter wheat in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine144.9 KB
Shevchuk R., Rovna H., Kiryanchuk K. Influence nitrogen fertilizeron productivity Sylphium perfoliatum for growing on the solid biofuels119.13 KB
Yalanskiy O., Ostapenko S., Sereda V. Prospects of introduction of highly productive hybrids of saccharine sorghum in bioenergetics157.01 KB
Voytov V., Bondarenko M., Bunetsky V. Raw vegetable processing in solid fuel154.38 KB
Vyshnevska O., Dmytrenko T., Tuguyeva I., Didkivskiy S. Empirical determination of biogas emission from permanent grasses vegetative mass339.02 KB
Drukovanuy M., Dushkant L. Tehnological lines on payment of biogas and biological organic fertilizer for grown environmentally clean agricultural products227.62 KB
Dumych V., Kurylo V. Analysis of constructions of wood chippers769.24 KB
Klymchuk O. Efficiency of the complex use of corn is in bioenergetics131.87 KB
Kuznetchsova I. Stem stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) of dry use of in pellet production172.11 KB
Sereda L., Cherniavskyi M. Collecting biogas and liquid bio-fertilizers during biomass processing at mobile machine606.46 KB
Tretyak V., Bolbut V., Ganzhenko O., Mazurenko A. Effective use of phytogenous fuel for supplying combustion engines of agricultural machinery258.77 KB
Gutsalenko L., Fabiyanska V. Condition and main factors of development production of biofuels in Ukraine and the world150.49 KB
Guzalenko O., Korpanyuk T. Ecological and economic aspects of the production of biofuels in the context of the energy-saving policy of the state173.49 KB
Doronin A. The competitiveness formation of alternative fuels in the context of agricultural development strategy in Ukraine238.6 KB
Koval L., Kytaichyk T. Insurance as a means of ensuring sustainable production of biofuels and its accounting121.17 KB
Koval O., Lepetan I. Growth of Functional Importance of Biological Assets142.2 KB
Kolyadenko S., Kolyadenko D. Problems and prospects of Ukrainian and world biofuels market123.1 KB
Kurylo V., Humentyk M., Kopak O. The current state of production and use of bioethanol in Brazil and in the world128.96 KB
Mazur V., Tsytsyura Ja. Prospects of production of high-energy cultures and estimation of biopower potential of the Vinnytsya region165.19 KB
Marchuk U., Chudak L. Crop production as a strategic resource of Ukrainian energy140.18 KB
Pravdyuk O., Nastenko M. Functions and principles of financial policy167.42 KB
Pryshliak V., Pryshliak N. Technicho-economic and environmental aspects of bioethanol production in Ukraine344.01 KB
Skoruk O., Tokarchuk D. Biogas is in Ukraine: economic and technological perspectives200.65 KB
Tkachuk O. The economic and environmental assessment of production technologies Galega orientalis as bioenergy and forage crop144.52 KB
Plakhtiy T., Drachuk V. Legislative regulation of tax stimulation for growing bioenergy crops, production and use of biofuel146.31 KB
Sinchenko V., Humentyk M., Balykina V. Situation and development in the bioenergy applicable law bioenergy development under effectual legislation284.25 KB
Masur A., Tsihanovska V., Hontaruk J. Study on the efficiency of biogas distilleries Vinnitsa region156.31 KB