Issue 24. 2016

Scientific papers of the Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet (2016) : Collected articles, vol. 24. Kyiv, IBCSB


The collected articles highlight the results on scientific researches carried out by scientists from research and educational agricultural institutions of Ukraine and near abroad. They are dedicated to new technologies of growing, processing, and storing in crop production and related sectors of agricultural production.

For researchers, experts, lecturers and students of agrarian universities.

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Hanzhenko O.M., Herasymenko L.A., Ivanova O.H., Kopchuk K.M. Energy productivity of sugar sorghum as affected by the elements of growing technology2.07 MB
Prysiazhniuk O.I., Sonec Т.D., Polovynchuk O.Yu., Korovko I.I. Comprehensive assessment of modern hybrids of sugar beet2.48 MB
Sinchenko V.M., Shamsutdinova A.V. Foliar feeding sugar beet microfertilizers at different timing of their introduction1.74 MB
Chynchyk O.S. Soya (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) structure and yield as affected by fertilization methods under the conditions of Western Forest-Steppe1.66 MB
Doronin V.A., Hizbullin N.H., Morhun I.A. Formation of yield and quality of sugar beet seed against the background of drip irrigation2.03 MB
Ivanov Yu.M., Vlasenko S.V., Panov O.I., Orlov S.D. Manifestation of frost-resistance in hybrid generation of winter wheat Triticum aestivum1.39 MB
Kornieieva M.O., Falatiuk L.V., Melnyk Ya.A. Selection of the best lines of sugar beet sterility maintainers in terms of potassium content in breeding for improved technological quality of roots1.85 MB
Orlov S.D., Necheporenko L.P. Creating of original materials of spring oat with new features1.7 MB
Chemerys L.M., Kornieieva M.O., Matsuk M.B., Fedorenko I.A. Stabilization of tetraploid sugar beet pollinator lines in terms of ploidy and their evaluation for agronomic characteristics2.34 MB
Kurylo V.L., Humentyk M.Ya., Kvak V.M., Dubovyi Yu.P. Improvement of technology elements for growing miscanthus under the conditions of the Central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine for the production of solid biofuel2.24 MB
Skachok L.M., Kvak V.M. Comprehensive assessment of growing bioenergy crops as affected by various fertilization system1.71 MB
Fuchylo Ya.D., Sinchenko V.M., Melnychuk H.A. Features of growth of two-year old energy plantations of some sorts of Salix viminalis in the Central Forest-Steppe conditions1.72 MB
Kalatur K.А., Pylypenko L.А., Boiko A.L. Role of Longidoridae and Trichodoridae phytonematodes in vectorial transfer of viral plant pathogens2.53 MB
Sabluk V.T., Gryshchenko O.M., Smirnykh V.M., Suslyk L.I. Prevention of phytophag proliferation in sugar beet crop rotation2.42 MB
Sinchenko V.M., Askarov V.R. Effectiveness of micronutrients and fungicides against leaf diseases of sugar beet1.48 MB
Slyusar I.T., Bogatyr L.V., Ezerkovskyi A.V. Effect of primary tillage of old-ploughed and organogenic soils on their water and physical properties and productivity of winter rye and buckwheat1.67 MB